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Custom Email Domain: Easy Tutorial

Do you want to have a custom shaped email but don’t know how to do it? You must have noticed that many people have their own email formats – e.g. [email protected] or [email protected] etc. Certainly such a shape of email looks much more professional than a classic ending, such as @gmail.com. More and more people are running email with their own domain, because the procedure is quite simple and does not take much time. We’re going to take a look together at what is the easiest way to email with your own domain.

Step one: get your own domain

The first thing you’ll need is your own domain – your domain will be in the form of an email located after your email’s username. So, for example, if you buy the domain autoopravnatabor.cz, you can have the mail: [email protected] etc., The final form of the mail can be for example: [email protected], which is quite funny in the end ???? When contacting people, or customers, then the custom shape of the email looks much better and especially professional, so it is definitely worth buying an email working through your own domain. Oh, and…to put your mind at ease, running your own domain that allows you to use your custom shaped email will cost you next to nothing. You will only have to pay for the registration of the domain and its renewal in the following years…which is around 10 EUR/year. So we come to the very first and practical step – buying a domain, which we’ll show on the example of one of the most famous providers in the Czech Republic – Wedos. We have been using the services of this provider ourselves for over 10 years and are therefore confident in its quality and security.

1) Open Wedos and start searching for the domain name of your choice (e.g. ihavemyownwebsite.com) in the “Enter domain name and press Enter” window. This procedure will easily check if the domain is free/occupied and if you can then purchase it. You will see a list of different extensions, including “.net”, “.org” etc., and next to them the status/availability. If the domain name with the given extension is available, you will be presented with a “Register” button, through which you can register the domain. If the name is taken – the information “The domain name is already registered” will appear, so choose the name with the extension that is free and proceed further by clicking on “Register”.

Wedos Domains Homepage

2) After clicking on “Register”, the first step of the order process will be followed by a form where you fill in the basic information. The “Domain Name” field will be pre-filled with your chosen domain name. Next, in the “Length of registration” field, you will select the length of time you want to own the domain. Since the domain will be used for your email, we recommend that you select the highest number of years possible (the cost per year of operation is much lower than if you renewed the domain every year). This way you can subscribe for up to 10 years in advance and then you don’t have to worry about anything. In addition, you will probably use your email for ages, probably longer than 10 years ???? As for the next field of the order called – “Choice of web hosting”, if you do not intend to run a website on the domain and you want to buy it exclusively with the intention of running email on the domain name, choose the option: do not order web hosting after completing the order. If you want to run a website along with your email, be sure to check out our other article on how to buy website domain and create a website, where we discuss this topic in detail. 

3) After agreeing to all the terms and conditions (checking the boxes before the “Continue Ordering” button), you will find yourself in the second step of the order, i.e. “Settings”. Here it is a good idea to leave all the default values (as Wedos itself recommends). So you won’t change anything on the page at all. You just check “I agree to the terms and conditions of domain name registration” and click on the “Continue Order” button.

4) In the third step of the order, you will fill in the registration details for your new Wedos user account. If you already have an account, just log in. The fourth step of the order will ask you to enter the domain owner’s details. In the fifth step, you will then fill in your billing information and in the last, sixth step, you will complete the entire registration process. Please remember that your domain will only be active when you pay for it. Until then, anyone can “beat you to it”.

Step two: set up custom email domain

The next step is to get your email up and running with your own domain name. You basically have two options:

1) Running an email account directly with your web hosting provider, be it Wedos or any other provider.

This option applies especially to those who also run their own website with their web hosting provider (see article: How to buy website domain and build website). The service is free with most providers, but it may be limited by some limits, for example. With Wedos, for example, the basic web hosting includes up to 5 GB of space for emails. This can then be increased by up to 150 GB as an additional service. So if you are buying a domain from a provider for the sole purpose of setting up a mailbox with your own domain name, you will probably be better off using the services of one of the external providers we describe in the following subsection.

2) External providers and their comprehensive services for custom email domain (e.g. Google WorkSpace, Microsoft Outlook, etc.)

Let’s just say that if you choose the previous step and use an email account directly with your web hosting/domain provider, you may be quite limited. The level of email services is simply not as advanced as if you choose one of the external providers that focuses directly on running email services, and then the level of these services also corresponds to this. 

Google Workspace

Google Workspace lets you manage all your mail through a single inbox. This Google service can be a great benefit, especially for those who are used to using Google’s tools and are comfortable with their environment. The downside for some people may be the price of the Google Workspace app package, which starts at just over 5 EUR per month.

Microsoft Outlook

For fans of Microsoft tools, Microsoft Outlook can be a great tool again. This is available for free as a basic feature, but running your own domain within your email is tied to the Microsoft 365 package, or a subscription to this package, which starts at just over 5 EUR per month.

So now you have everything you need to set up and run your own domain with your own email box.

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