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It is thanks to our WordPress specialization that the MojeWebovka portal was created, which acts as an original WordPress Tutorial for all those who want to build and run a website based on this content management system. WordPress is now a globally recognized content management system, which is also available completely free of charge – this is not the only reason why it is one of the most widely used systems for running a website worldwide. 

We are not a typical service provider who will promise you mountains and molehills – for example, that he will create a top-notch website for up to 350 EUR…or that he will manage your website for a whole year for 35 EUR etc….. or that he will hopefully get you to the first positions in search engines within just 1 week. No, this is not our style and we say it straight away.

Due to our long experience, we are well aware that things are often not as simple and low-cost as they may seem. And a customer who is not familiar with foreign terms, principles of website operation and other details, can easily find himself in a situation where he gives tens of thousands of crowns to various companies/agencies, while the result is very similar to what he would have achieved on his own, after studying various tutorials/courses. Unfortunately, this is often a bitter reality when the customer’s ideas and the ideas of the implementing company do not meet.

If you are dealing with any topic within the framework of website development (not only) on WordPress, our online consultation is here for you – whether you are from…

Hand on heart, we don’t live in a time anymore when you need to know code to create websites. We ourselves started with web development by writing simple html codes in a notepad in Windows and were then thrilled to see that after saving it with the .html extension, a simple page suddenly appeared in the browser, which we “programmed” using this procedure ???? Everything has shifted a lot since those days and nowadays it is possible to create a website so called “in a few clicks”, directly from the administration interface of the web hosting provider. Whoever enjoys such activity and is enthusiastic about it, can relatively easily set up and run a website on his own, without having to give away money to companies without knowing the circumstances. However, there are users who do not intend to waste their time with this and prefer to have a company build a website for them. This is also a great option…but nowadays, more than ever, you need to choose between quality and professional service providers.

Our WordPress Tutorial, which gives anyone the opportunity to build and run their own website, is completely free, available anytime – 24/7. It’s based on our premise that everyone should be able to build their own website. Nevertheless, the multiplying questions from our clients and regular consultations on various WordPress topics, led us to set up an online consultation service. The terms and conditions are completely simplified, so that everyone can really understand them. Consultations are done online, at a flat rate of 50 EUR / 1 hour and we address exactly what the customer needs. So we focus purely on the topics they define in advance and then we discuss them in detail in our joint consultation. This prevents the customer from paying for something that he doesn’t really need and that won’t help him in his development. If someone wants to build a website on their own, they usually deal with specific topics and need guidance in them (whether it is the choice of hosting, installation of WordPress, theme selection, page texting, SEO and many other topics that we regularly discuss with customers).

Single price and clear conditions.
Single price, clear conditions…

WordPress consultations take place in order to save time on both sides in an online form (e.g. via Skype, Zoom…) Since we have been working with WordPress for a long time, we have numerous experiences and can help you with various topics related to this particular content management system.

And what topics can we help you with? In our consultations we deal with diverse topics such as:

  • How to create a website/blog etc. using WordPress?
  • How to start your own blog and make money through it?
  • How to install WordPress / templates / plugins?
  • What template to choose for my website?
  • How to buy a domain and link it to a web host?
  • What web hosting provider / domains should I choose?
  • How to modify an existing WordPress site to make it more powerful/faster?
  • How to set up WordPress security and avoid risks?
  • How to optimize a website for search engines (SEO)?
  • How to create engaging content based on keyword analysis?
  • How to analyze keywords related to the website/business topic?
  • How to easily create eye-catching graphics for a web project?
  • How to set up/setup SSL certificate (HTTPS) in WordPress?
  • How to set up and run my own email account?
  • How to better connect WordPress website with social networks?
  • How to find out if a website has been hacked and how to deal with a possible hack?
  • How to connect WordPress to Google Analytics, Google Search Console, etc.?
  • And many other questions that we often address with clients…

And what is the process if you want to book an online appointment with us?

  1. Through our booking system / online form, you let us know what date is tentatively suitable for you.
  2. During the pre-booking process, you will specify in detail in the form the topic you want to address during our consultation – or what the main objective of our joint consultation will be.
  3. We will then contact you on the basis of the phone number provided in the form, clarify the information and confirm your requested date.
  4. Only then will you be sent an invoice, which must be paid no later than 24 hours before the start of our online meeting.
  5. This is followed by the implementation of our online meeting.
Process of booking.
Process of booking.

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