WordPress themes (or templates) come into play when you need to dress up your website in a decent coat. Themes are an important part of a website’s representation, but also its reputation. If you choose an unsightly, and strange looking template, your website’s overall reputation may suffer and vice versa. It is therefore worth paying due attention to choosing the right template. It should be mentioned that even in the basic, WordPress has quality themes (e.g. Twenty-Twenty-One, Twenty-Twenty-Two, Twenty-Twenty Three), which can be used for free by anyone who uses this content management system and does not want to invest in more advanced themes that can be extensively modified or customized. Moreover, WordPress has long been striving to simplify the user interface as much as possible for “non-techies”, i.e. users without knowledge of programming languages. In this regard, one of the significant moments is the arrival of the official Twenty-Nineteen template (2019) with the Gutenberg block editor. This has fundamentally changed the way users create posts, pages and other content within the site and has significantly simplified the process. Below, we’ll introduce you to a few carefully selected, well-known, and well-rated themes to help you choose the best template for WordPress. Because it is important to us that you do not buy a “rabbit in the bag”, but a quality template from a verified supplier, we have personal experience with all the themes we mention here. Many of them we use or have used on our own projects or on projects of our clients.

In this article we will first answer the three most common questions related to WordPress themes, then we will solve the notorious dilemma – buy a paid (Premium) template or choose a free (Freebie) template? And finally, we’ll take a look at the specific themes we’ve honestly chosen just for you.

Three most common questions about WordPress themes?

Is it possible to find quality and reliable themes that don’t cost a lot of money?

Sure, our article will help you with that. The internet today is full of themes and the biggest challenge is usually to choose the right one. We will show you the ones that we have personally verified and consider to be of high quality.

Do you always have to pay for WordPress Themes?

Absolutely not, for example, basic WordPress themes are available completely free of charge. However, paid templates usually provide users with more options, features and generally better quality.

How you choose best WordPress themes on MojeWebovka?

Simple – by personal experience. Unlike other websites, we only want to show you quality themes that we have personally tested and can therefore recommend to our friends.

You may be wondering whether to get a free WordPress theme or a paid one. Probably everyone who starts working with WordPress faces a similar problem. As a rule, one wants a lot of music for as little money as possible, and ideally for free. At least, that’s certainly how many beginners who are setting up their own websites think about it. Indeed, some free templates can be enough to get you started and cover the owners’ requirements quite well, often with satisfying overall quality.

Over time, however, it’s common for owners to get progressively better at using WordPress and themes. They then start to find that free themes are usually limited by something. Either by having to leave a link or the author’s logo in the footer (some people are literally allergic to this), or by limiting important features that can only be unlocked by buying the full version. This is often a recurring scenario, because of which the owner of a free theme later chooses the paid one without the mentioned limits. With a paid theme, you may invest an initial amount and your wallet may cry for a while, but it will be returned to you in the form of the functioning of this theme without any limiting restrictions. Templates usually cost tens of dollars. More sophisticated systems then a few hundred dollars at most. But for that amount they will do you a rich service. In addition, there are a number of specialists who work with themes, can recommend the type of template that is suitable for you, and possibly advise you on editing and customizing the template in the WordPress content management system.

Best WordPress themes – selection of the TOP ones

If you are looking for a trusted marketplace of templates, ThemeForest can serve this purpose, of course there are other alternatives such as TemplateMonster, but we will now focus on ThemeForest as the imaginary leader of the template market.


If there’s anything we can really recommend, whether for beginners or advanced, it’s the trusted and time-tested marketplace of various WordPress templates. It’s called Themeforest. We ourselves have dealt with the question of where to put our trust, and possibly our finances, in the past. Hand on heart – there are a lot of sources of WordPress themes and not all of them are of high quality. Thanks to Themeforest, you have a unique opportunity to choose a theme that suits your needs. And let us point out that the prices are really reasonable. Professional WordPress themes, such as Seven (WP Seven), can be found for less than $40. When you consider that at that price you get a professional theme (with a large number of pre-made templates), lifetime updates, and a plenty of different customizations you can make to the theme system, it makes a lot of sense. In addition, Themeforest usually gives a six-month unlimited customer support option with purchased templates. So if any problem arises, it is possible to quickly contact support and get it resolved promptly (our own experience).

Avada (ThemeForest)

Avada is one of the best themes in the Themeforest environment, which is evidenced by the fact that it is the best-selling one for a long time. It has been rated by nearly 25 thousand satisfied users. We would say rather ultra satisfied, because AVADA has at the moment mostly all totally satisfied reactions, and it has already been downloaded by around 800 000 satisfied users. On Themeforest it comes out at $60 – a perfectly reasonable price considering its quality. It includes a variety of pre-made templates for different purposes – Fitness, Sports, Cryptocurrency, Marketing, Coffee Shop, etc. Its developers boast the “Power Elite Author” award, which is held by only the most prestigious theme creators within Themeforest. Because Avada is so popular, you don’t have to worry about its development being discontinued and not receiving updates. On the contrary! The theme is regularly updated, new features are added and only one thing remains constant – the “bulletproof” rating of Avada. So if you want a perfect theme, don’t hesitate and get yourself an Avada. For us, Avada is one of the good choices when clients need some industry-focused, nice-looking website that will perform well.

Seven (ThemeForest)

The Seven is quite possibly the cheapest, most professionally designed theme on the Theme Forest market. We personally use it on our own projects and we absolutely LOVE it. Its price is set at an, almost modest, value – $39. Like Avada, it boasts a large number of pre-made templates for different purposes and situations. Starting from a personal portfolio, to a healthy lifestyle, to an e-shop, to an agency website. Operating Seven is absolutely simple. Their editing system (including a wizard) is available in the WordPress administration, through which you can edit really almost anything you can think of in the theme. From our own experience, we can say that buying Seven has paid us back many times over and it is a good investment for not very trusting individuals who want an inexpensive theme that they can use without any compromises or limits. Well, the Seven theme fits the bill perfectly and is worth a try.

DIVI (Elegant Themes)

DIVI is one of the most used, well-known and trusted WordPress themes, designed for building professional WordPress-based websites / projects, among other things. Elegant Themes (the creators), are in fact on the market for many years and have honestly built, reputable image. The added value of DIVI is that it includes a page builder, i.e. software for building your own pages + a selection of professional themes ready to use when creating your website. If you are interested in DIVI, there is one more advantage. When you purchase a license from Elegant Themes (available lifetime for $249 and annual for $89), you get access to all of their WordPress themes and plugins. The database is very rich and there is definitely something for everyone. We can highly recommend DIVI as it is a proven and very popular WordPress theme. You will get 100% return on your investment. Again, it is a suitable choice for more advanced WordPress users who may even creating WordPress-based websites for clients. If you are no stranger to this activity, we dare say that you can even get a return on your $249 investment very soon. Check out the introduction video to see how simply working with this great tool (below). We also use this system to create projects for some of our clients.

BRIZY (ThemeFuse)

BRIZY PRO belongs to the so-called webpage builders, i.e. tools for building your own and purely professional websites / projects. In the basic version Brizy is free, but in the paid version it offers you a lot of benefits that are really worth it! Among other things, it includes professional designs (themes) for immediate use when building a website. There are also advanced headers and footers, the ability to integrate third-party applications into forms (e.g. Mailchimp), etc. We use Brizy PRO ourselves to create our web projects – so we can guarantee quality and reliability. If you are seriously considering Brizy PRO, this might be the best possible time to buy. ThemeFuse (the creator of Brizy) is currently offering lifetime licenses for Brizy PRO, which include lifetime technical support, updates, and unlimited number of sites you can use Brizy PRO on (from $149 / one project to $399 / 500 projects – depending on the size of your portfolio). The last hundreds lifetime licenses in the Agency version are now available. This is especially challenging for more advanced WordPressers who build custom websites for clients. This is because you can generate an unlimited number of websites for clients through Brizy PRO in a lifetime license (with a Brizy PRO license). In practice, this means that you create a premium website for a client with Brizy PRO features (licensing is provided through your administration). The client can then boldly use their new website with the advanced features that Brizy PRO enables. However, if you don’t desire this more expensive option, you can of course purchase a significantly cheaper license for just one project ($49 USD). Feel free to watch the demo video where we show how easy Brizy is to work with and how powerful tool it is.


ASTRA is one of the most versatile themes for WordPress. Undoubtedly, the biggest attraction of this template is its time-tested respectability and quality, as well as the use of Astra by various prestigious companies such as Google, NASA, Stanford University, etc. That speaks for itself, doesn’t it! Astra provides users with a large number of beautifully designed themes for use with WordPress itself, as well as with the DIVI and BRIZY tools we mentioned above. The good news is that Astra is also available in a free version…its options are of course limited in this case, but for many users they may be enough. The paid version provides a plenty of benefits and features, such as extensive theme design customization options, better fonts, premium technical support, the ability to run the theme under your own company/project name (called WhiteLabel) and much more. In summary, Astra is a versatile theme that provides you with everything you need to run a professional web project. If you like Astra, it’s available for a private project for $45 USD per year… However, from an economic point of view, it’s better to get a lifetime membership for a one-time payment of $240 USD. This will give you all the features of Astra forever and you won’t have to pay recurring annual rates. It’s very worthwhile because you won’t have to use or download any other themes and Astra will serve as a comprehensive tool to run your WordPress project.


OCEAN WP is a great choice for all individuals. The basic version is free. It works as a professional system for a wide range of WordPress users. Specifically, it features ready-made professional themes ready to use in a few clicks (some free, others are included in paid plans). Likewise, Ocean WP works excellently with Brizy PRO. In fact, in the paid version it offers a lot of extras (add-ons) for the pages you create in Brizy. For example: a GDPR bar, White Label (removing Ocean WP logo and links and replacing them with yours), eye-catching Instagram profile photos, a tool to display your portfolio, custom sidebars and much more. If you want Ocean WP for a single site it will cost you $43 with annual tech support and updates. $178 will cost you if you want tech support with updates for life. The price in conversion is not that high. Try to remember how much money online web development services that charge high annual rates can charge.