One of the first things an operator of not only WordPress, but virtually any website usually deals with is choosing the right hosting for the current or future website. This is a prerequisite for any successful website. However, there are a number of Czech companies that offer hosting. This comprehensive guide will help you navigate through the hosting offer and choose the best hosting (not only) for WordPress. You will learn what parameters a web host should have. We’ll show you specific types of hosting and what to look for when choosing between them. To make your choice even easier, we have tips on specific web hosting providers for WordPress in the Czech Republic.

Comparison of best WordPress hosting providers

Let’s start with the most important thing – namely, comparing individual providers that are worth mentioning and are among the best WordPress web hosting providers. If you are interested in a simple tip on which hosting to choose, you can stick to this passage. However, if you want more detailed information, you will find more detailed descriptions of each web hosting provider in the following chapters. Click on the link to see their offerings right away.

WEDOS (NoLimit) | 1,55 EUR/month

WEDOS logo
  • best price/performance ratio
  • high quality and reliable provider
  • unlimited storage + data transfer
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress installer
  • comprehensive customer support

We personally use Wedos on all of our running projects and in our 10 years of experience with this provider we can highly recommend it. We are particularly positive about the stability of the service, the quality of technical support and the innovative thinking.

WEBGLOBE (Plus) | 4,99 EUR/month

Webglobe logo
  • good price
  • proven global provider
  • 100 GB storage (web, e-mail, dtb)
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • automatic data backup + free recovery

Webglobe is a modern and proven global provider of web hosting and domain services that has a lot to offer not only in terms of quality, but also in security, data backup and recovery etc.

SITEGROUND | 5,49 EUR/month

SiteGround logo
  • standard price
  • one of the most used global providers
  • 20 GB of webspace
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 768 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • daily backup + free recovery

Siteground is one of most used global providers of web hosting and domain services provides hosting for approximately 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Siteground is an imaginary middle ground in price, reliability and global usage.

WP ENGINE | 19 EUR/month

WP Engine logo
  • highest price from recommended providers
  • #1 WordPress hosting platform in the world
  • the widest range of services for WordPress
  • 10 GB of webspace
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • daily backup + free recovery

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web host and #1 platform for WP, offering managed plans that are fully optimized for the platform and provides hosting for approximately 185,000+ customers worldwide. While the price is higher than other providers, the services are broadly WordPress-focused and fully customized.

Domain vs. web hosting

People often ask us what exactly web hosting is for and what a good domain is for. Although this question might seem like a beginner’s question, you know what they say – repetition is the mother of wisdom. The principle of domain and web hosting is quite simple and we will briefly recap it in the following lines.

What is a domain?

A domain (or domain name) is the address of a website, which usually has the prefix “www.” and the suffix “.org”, “.com”, “.net” and many others. For the English speaking countries, or continental hosting, is typical just mentioned extension “.com”. For example, if you decide to have an electronics shop in New York, your domain might look like this: Our domain has the form, but you already know that :-).

What is web hosting?

You can think of web hosting as renting storage space on a server (servers are, simply put, “big computers”) from a third party. All the content of your website is stored on this storage. If you want to set up a website, a quality web hosting provider, or the one who rents the server and provides you with related services, will be of primary importance to you. Thanks to it, you can publish your website on the internet without having to get your own server.

WordPress hosting and appropriate parameters

PHP version 7.4+, MySQL version 5.7+ or MariaDB 10.2+

Simply put: Hosting companies use so-called servers to provide their services. Just think of them as “big computers”. These work with WordPress without problems from PHP version 7.4 (+higher) and MySQL version 5.7 (+higher). Don’t worry, this is a common part of most services. FYI, the current stable version available for PHP is 8.1.9.+

HTTPS support

Simply put: HTTPS allows for secure communication on a computer network. When your site has it enabled, others can usually tell by the padlock symbol in the browser address bar area. Remember: it’s one of the important features of a trustworthy website, so it shouldn’t be missing. This is also now a common feature of a large number of providers.

Easy to install WordPress

More and more hosting providers have WordPress “pre-installed”. We highly recommend this option. In practice, this means that you can install WordPress with one click, right from the administration environment. Today, most hosting providers fortunately offer this option.

Satisfaction Guarantee

Quality hosting companies generally guarantee that the servers on which your website is stored will work for the maximum amount of time (ideally 99.8%) that you use the service. Without any unscheduled downtime or outages, which, hand on heart, nobody wants!

Technical support – the basis of the best WordPress hosting provider

Top-notch technical support and serious dealings are the foundation of everything. Insist on them. Some companies have specific days and times when support is available. Others, however, are available NONSTOP. If complications arise, this will be greatly appreciated!

WordPress hosting and its types

Free hosting

Free hosting is a chapter in itself, but often wanted by customers. However, those interested in free hosting should beware. You can indeed get free hosting, but it is always limited by something. Whether it is displaying (mostly banner) ads directly on the website or significantly limited hosting parameters, which of course limit the smooth operation of your website. Plus, you never know when this seemingly convenient and tempting offer will end. Thus, your website may be cancelled one day. If you are really serious about your web project, we recommend that you forgot any free hosting services.

Shared hosting

Shared web hosting tends to be a common and reliable solution for beginners and regular users (for example, owners of “hobby sites” or smaller businesses starting out). When a WordPress website is hosted on shared web hosting, it means that it also shares the server space with other websites (there may be dozens or even hundreds of them). For this reason, it is usually associated with a more affordable price. However, the performance of your website depends on just how many other websites share space with yours, what performance all websites need, etc. Ultimately, your website may not have satisfactory speed or performance. But that’s not common problem today.

VPS hosting

VPS or Virtual Private Server is a great choice for customers with more demanding requirements (for example, medium-sized companies) who do not want to have their own server and just need a more affordable solution. VPS refers to the software division of a server into multiple partitions – so-called virtual servers. With VPS web hosting, it is advisable to have an experienced professional on hand, as setting up and operating a VPS requires advanced technical skills. Only thanks to them can the website function optimally.

Dedicated server

A dedicated server is an advanced and purely professional solution. It is generally considered to be the highest level of server. It is especially used by websites of expanding companies whose online business has high demands in terms of website operation. In practice, it looks like you are renting a physical server from a web hosting company. You then completely customize it to your requirements. Advanced technical knowledge in connection with server operation is therefore a necessary component. The advantage is that you don’t have to worry about performance degradation due to shared space with other sites. The disadvantage is the higher price.

WordPress hosting

Specialized hosting solutions specifically for WordPress are also sold on the market due to the potential and long-standing popularity of WordPress. Their advantage is optimization for this content management system. The point is to make your site perform at its best and be as efficient as possible. Most often, it is a classic or shared. However, dedicated servers are no exception. Many such services also include comprehensive management of your web hosting, in order to make it work as well as possible. Thus, you have enough space to deal with the direct essence of the site – i.e. content creation. The rest is handled by a dedicated web hosting provider. The disadvantage can be the relatively high price.

Which hosting to choose?

Above we have shown you the different types of web hosting not only for the WordPress editorial system. Now you must be wondering, which one from the list is the most suitable for you! One of the main indicators when deciding is the purpose of a WordPress website.

Do you want to run a blog, a personal portfolio or a small-scale business site on WordPress? Then cheaper hosting, probably shared, will certainly suffice. Likewise, if you are a beginner who wants to gradually discover the world of your own web hosting. And we’ll back you up – we’ve tried many things ourselves. Like free web hosts that have low performance and charge you to display various ads from their system on your website as a tax. Therefore, based on our own experience, we definitely do not recommend this option. If you are really serious about having your own website, it is wise to pay extra. Quality web hosts are affordable for everyone today and you can fit into the amount of about 60 EUR for a complete annual operation of the web hosting and domain.

If you run a large e-shop or an internet service such as a social network, dating site (etc.), you will probably need a more powerful hosting, such as a VPS or a dedicated server. As a general rule, the larger the website and the higher the traffic, the higher the requirements for web hosting parameters. It’s also a good idea to find out what PHP Memory_Limit your chosen hosting plan has – some WordPress sites (or plugins) require a higher value of this limit and will not work well if it is overdrawn. That’s why we recommend a value of at least 512 MB, which is already met by most services today – even the cheaper ones. Similarly, the PHP Time_Limit is an important value – that is, the limit that determines how long scripts (or tasks) can be executed. The optimal value is 160 seconds. However, some hosts only have a value of 30 seconds, which can negatively affect the functionality of some plugins, for example, for which this limit is not sufficient.

Our recommendation of a reliable web hosting provider


WEDOS logo
  • Wedos, our favourite, is one of the leading EU web hosting providers, which has gradually worked its way up to the position of: one of the best-selling hostings. It has three tariffs – “LowCost” (the cheapest web hosting), “NoLimit” (basic web hosting) and “NoLimit Extra” (web hosting for the most demanding customers). The price of all tariffs is favorable among other providers, without affecting the quality of service in any way.
  • The LowCost version is suitable for most websites. Especially personal websites, presentations of smaller companies, portfolios of activities, regular blogs or various undemanding web projects, etc.
  • The NoLimit version will be especially appreciated by WordPress users, for whom this version is fine-tuned – even our project can attest to its seamless functionality ????
  • The Nolimit Extra version is a comprehensive solution for advanced websites such as e-shops, professional blogs, presentations of larger companies, etc. Its price also includes above-standard parameters such as PHP memory_limit 1024 MB, database space 5 GB, etc.
  • The NONSTOP technical support is also appreciated, which responds to suggestions immediately and is available to solve any queries regarding the services provided or problems with them. Importantly for WordPress users, Wedos offers easy one-click WordPress installation via the administration. Of course, there is no shortage of VPS or dedicated servers on offer.