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Best Website Hosting: Our Exclusive Tips

Web hosting is a kind of online space for your website. You can think of it as an external drive that stores your website and allows internet users to connect to it and view your website. Web hosting therefore provides you with a way to store your website and easily show it to other visitors, whether you run an e-shop, a blog or a regular personal or business website. If you are not sure about choosing a web host and are still pondering over which one to choose from such a wide selection, this article is for you. We have selected the best providers based on our experience and will introduce them to you later in the article.

The best website hosting and the context of the choice

Let’s be honest – the hosting provider you choose is critical to the success of your website. It very much depends on which one you put your trust in, as repeated outages, unavailability of the site or slow site performance manifested by overly long loading times is probably the last thing you want to deal with. It won’t make things much easier for you, nor will it make it easier for the web users themselves, or rather the visitors to your site. Today’s Internet user is “hungry”. He’s used to websites in the Internet environment being reliable and available whenever he remembers – even at 2 a.m. when he wants to buy something at his favorite e-shop. Today’s typical user doesn’t even want to wait…he just clicks on a link on the site and expects everything to load instantly…and if it doesn’t, you’re well on your way to having him leave your site and never return due to a bad experience. 

Quality web hosting providers will assist you in just that, making sure that your website is not only available (i.e. guaranteed to be available, which nowadays exceeds 99% with most quality providers). They will also allow you to run your website on quality and fast web hosting servers, therefore greatly reducing the likelihood of your website being slow as a snail. Providers today also offer a wide variety of different services that customers can use in addition to the domains and web hosts they acquire. Now all you have to do is choose between providers, which can also be the hardest part. That’s why we have written this overview for you.

Our article presents our top tips for web hosting providers – using it, you’ll find the best web host for you without spending money on poor quality services. If you’re looking for an article with specifics on hosting specifically for the WordPress editorial system, we’ve also prepared an article dedicated to this topic called How to Choose the Best WordPress Hosting?

Our exclusive tips for you

Let’s start with the most important thing – namely, comparing individual providers that are worth mentioning and are among the best WordPress web hosting providers. If you are interested in a simple tip on which hosting to choose, you can stick to this passage. However, if you want more detailed information, you will find more detailed descriptions of each web hosting provider in the following chapters. Click on the link to see their offerings right away.

WEDOS (NoLimit) – best website hosting in terms of price vs. performance | 1,55 EUR/month

WEDOS logo
  • best price/performance ratio
  • high quality and reliable provider
  • unlimited storage + data transfer
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress installer
  • comprehensive customer support

We personally use Wedos on all of our running projects and in our 10 years of experience with this provider we can highly recommend it. We are particularly positive about the stability of the service, the quality of technical support and the innovative thinking.

WEBGLOBE (Plus) | 4,99 EUR/month

Webglobe logo
  • good price
  • proven global provider
  • 100 GB storage (web, e-mail, dtb)
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • automatic data backup + free recovery

Webglobe is a modern and proven global provider of web hosting and domain services that has a lot to offer not only in terms of quality, but also in security, data backup and recovery etc.

SITEGROUND | 5,49 EUR/month

SiteGround logo
  • standard price
  • one of the most used global providers
  • 20 GB of webspace
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 768 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • daily backup + free recovery

Siteground is one of most used global providers of web hosting and domain services provides hosting for approximately 2,000,000 domains worldwide. Siteground is an imaginary middle ground in price, reliability and global usage.

WP ENGINE | 19 EUR/month

WP Engine logo
  • highest price from recommended providers
  • #1 WordPress hosting platform in the world
  • the widest range of services for WordPress
  • 10 GB of webspace
  • High-Performance SSD drives
  • PHP memory_limit 512 MB
  • free SSL certificate
  • automatic WordPress Installer
  • daily backup + free recovery

WP Engine is a WordPress-specific web host and #1 platform for WP, offering managed plans that are fully optimized for the platform and provides hosting for approximately 185,000+ customers worldwide. While the price is higher than other providers, the services are broadly WordPress-focused and fully customized.

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