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WordPress Hero

WordPress Hero Online Course

More than five years ago, we founded the popular project with the aim of helping internet users to work with WordPress and understand the various areas of this content management system. From the initial tens of visitors per month, today there are thousands of visitors and it makes us very happy that visitors not only use our various free tutorials, but also return to our website often. 

In view of the growing demand for our services, we also introduced WordPress online consultations about a year ago as a service for anyone who needs individual attention and help with WordPress issues. Well, given that we regularly meet various clients in our consultations, who are dealing with really diverse topics around their projects, it was repeatedly mentioned that some of them would welcome some kind of comprehensive course that would explain WordPress in a simple way, and at the same time help them to get to grips with the basics of this content management system.

Hand on heart, we thought it was an interesting idea – to put together a premium WordPress course that would be available to anyone who wants a kind of “superstructure” – something that will teach them how to work with WordPress in a very intensive and practical way, without having to repeatedly “dissect” the online tutorials themselves. 

Online Course WordPress Hero banner
Online Course WordPress Hero

So first we did a search across the internet, which revealed that there aren’t many courses dedicated to WordPress. Where they do exist, they are usually out of date, not comprehensive enough, or at worst, dubious, or with no dates listed. For a person looking for a quality course, this is understandably insufficient and often frustrating. And so we took this “burden” upon ourselves and started working on our own solution that will at least partially fill these gaps in the market. Well, the result of our several months of work is the WordPress Hero online course, which aims to help users master WordPress virtually, in just one training day.

When we finished the course, we put together a group of interested WordPress users (ranging from experienced colleagues to a few of our long-term customers with minimal knowledge), with whom we piloted the course, so to speak. The response was unexpectedly excellent. Most of the participants explicitly agreed that something like this was missing on the Czech market. We were pleased that the participants appreciated the clarity, precise didactics of the course and the fact that the training helped them to understand WordPress better ???? .

WordPress course and its chapters

And what is actually covered in the course? WordPress is discussed really “from the ground up”. The following are the individual chapters:

  1. Introduction to WordPress
  2. Installing WordPress
  3. Orientation to the environment
  4. Templates, Plugins, Widgets
  5. Pages vs. Posts
  6. Gutenberg editor
  7. Divi, Astra, etc.
  8. Homepage and its principles
  9. Basic pages + menu
  10. Final practice

Note: Our online course WordPress Hero is only available for the Czech Republic for now. However, if you are interested, please contact us. We can prepare the course in English for an audience of at least 6 participants. Do not hesitate to write to us.

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